Perfect Timing

Get your emails to the top of the pile. Every time.

Subscribers' peak activity hours
11 PM
10 PM
9 PM
8 PM
7 PM
6 PM
5 PM
4 PM
3 PM
2 PM
1 PM
12 PM
11 AM
10 AM
9 AM
8 AM
7 AM

Send time optimization for each contact

We run real-time analysis of billions of email sends, opens and clicks across 350,000+ user accounts.
Not saying this to boast: this big data crunching and machine-learning secret sauce turns into your email marketing secret weapon:

1-3 PM

We can now predict the “optimal delivery hour of the day” for each of your contacts. In a nutshell, it's the time slot when the subscriber is most likely to open and click your emails, based on historical activity.

Actually, we do more than just predict: we can deliver your email exactly during this "sweet spot" time window, landing on top of their mailbox and boosting your opens and clicks.


It's a game changer.

Perfect Timing gives you more opens and more clicks.

After all, isn't it intuitive that people are much more likely to engage with "fresh" email sitting on top of their mailbox rather than a 17-hour old email that's already buried by 87 other messages?

During a private beta 5,000 GetResponse customers tested Perfect Timing. The results are in, and they are staggering. Opens increased 23%. Clicks increased 20%.

This is BIG. This is game-changing. This is what we call Perfect Timing.

Message delivery timing on autopilot!

No more concerns about best time to send your newsletter

Message delivered right in front of your recipient's eyes

Emails opened, read and clicked as they hit the inbox

Quicker buying decisions, more conversions and more sales!

* The average increase in median unique click and open rates, for emails sent with the Perfect Timing feature.
GetResponse comparative study, July 2015

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