Scoring and Tagging

Get to know your customers better, send them better emails

Scoring and tagging is a part of marketing automation that helps you get to know your customers and analyze their habits and preferences. When used separately, either tool can help you segment customers or track their activity. But when combined, they enable you to create a perfect customer profile and a truly tailored automation workflow.

Scoring and Tagging


With GetResponse lead scoring, you can track and rate customer actions and use the insights that you collect to measure the value of your database.

  • Build individual contact profiles.

  • Add or subtract points based on customer behavior.

  • Assign any number of points to any selected activity.

  • Apply scores to contact profiles using API.

  • Measure opens, clicks, and many other user actions.

  • Use individual customer scores to build personalized automation workflows.

  • Evaluate the value of your contacts based on their scores.

  • Build reward programs for your most valuable customers.

  • Build early warning systems to help you identify declining customers.

  • Reset customer scores at any time to start over.


GetResponse tagging allows you to add labels to each of your contacts. Build personalized and relevant communication with your database.

  • Assign an unlimited number of tags to each contact.

  • Assign or remove tags based on customer actions.

  • Search and segment tagged contacts to create targeted campaigns.

  • Design automation workflows using tags to trigger specific follow-up actions.

  • Analyze tags of individual contacts and track their activity.

  • Assign tags using API.

  • Remove tags manually or automatically based on criteria you choose.

  • Clear tags any time to start over.

  • Use tagging to create a one-to-one brand experience.

Only 11.80% of marketers use lead scoring. You should definitely be one of them – with user tags and user score you can send highly targeted emails.

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