Dynamic Content

Send customized content people actually want

At GetResponse, we understand that email marketing is about serving the right content to the right people. But don’t think that one-to-one communication and email personalization are limited to addressing your audience by name. It’s about using what you know about your customers to deliver only relevant, highly personalized and valuable custom content.

What is dynamic content?

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Dynamic content is smart HTML content customized for individual subscribers. It allows you to display different images, CTAs, and wording, depending on your customer preferences and actions. Such personalized messages are more likely to trigger action, generate engagement, and maximize user attention.

How to use it?

Take your custom content as far as you want! Create multiple campaigns to targeted groups of customers and watch engagement grow.

  • Use different images to display products that are relevant to your segment.
  • Present distinct content based on customer interests.
  • Direct prospects and customers to different CTAs.
  • Provide geographically relevant content.
  • Personalize the image and language to meet individual subscribers needs.
  • Generate unique promotional codes to increase conversion.
  • Use purchase history and automate your email communication based on customer behavior.

Dynamic content in three easy steps

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